What We Do

You have something to offer the world. You work hard to make your good or service the best it can be. All, so you can rest assured that whomever utilizes your good or service will leave feeling satisfied with what you gave. They will in turn, return, and maybe even send some more work your way. Easy enough. But, while you may be the absolute best at doing what you do, it is always good to find new work. Or more work. Enter your local Long Florida based Marketing Firm.

To build awareness, and in turn success, you need to increase your visibility. What is it your company has to offer? Would you be benefited by 2 more people knowing about your company? How about 10, or 100 people? This is where Business Promoted can help! Marketing isn’t just about a radio or newspaper ad here or there. Its about having a big picture for your business. And the quickest and most effective way to begin your marketing campaign, is utilizing the internet. Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising and other digital advertising avenues are highly effective and a fraction of what is typically spent on print campaigns.

We’re Business Promoted, a Long Florida based Marketing Firm. We love what we do. This helps us to strive for perfection in our service, and our results. Now, lets discuss how we can be of service to you.

Your website is your best opportunity to convert visitors into customers. It should capture their attention and keep them exploring your site. Your website design should make your visitors say to themselves “This is the company I NEED to work with.”
Are you sitting around wishing and hoping customers will come? While this may work for some, advertising has become a more effective way of getting in front of your prospective customers. Chances are, they are searching for you and you don’t even know it!
Social Media Marketing can be tricky for anybody, regardless of your age. And while you may be familiar with some platforms, you may be clueless with others. But it’s a fact that marketing on social media is here, and here to stay. Take advantage of it for your business!
Are you concerned about how your business compares to its competitors on the web? From Google to Yelp, Angie’s List to HomeAdvisor, reviews matter! Our automated review service that gets you more 5 star reviews and even helps prevent bad reviews!

Website SEO will allow your site to stand out from the rest of your competition. When working with Business Promoted, A Long Florida based Search Engine Optimization Firm, you will see improved results in your organic search engine results, and fast!

Email marketing is very affordable and can give you great insight as to which of your customers are interested in what part of what you have to offer! For significantly less than direct mail, you can get your message to peoples inboxes. And there is a right way, and wrong way