Case Study Overview


Business Promoted' was approached by a private lender to increase website traffic and ROI through a website redesign, content marketing, and lead generation.

  • 61% increase in website sessions
  • 53% increase in the number of site users
  • 77% reduction in bounce rate


Financial Services Company exclusively for construction loans
In 2020, a private lending firm in America found itself in a rocky and challenging place. The company wanted to increase the number of loans funded for renovation and construction projects but struggled with low website traffic and lead generation opportunities.


Difficulty in measuring leads and tracking conversions
Lending companies focusing on creating loans for residential construction projects find it difficult to measure lead performance, improve website conversion rates, and track marketing ROI. Their focus is more on marketing to borrowers and less on hiring investors.

Our strategy

Detailed marketing plan aimed at increasing website sessions

We thoroughly analyzed various aspects of their business during our MAP (Marketing Action Plan) process, including competing research, identifying the ideal buyer, describing website improvements, strategic content planning, and more. The MAP process took over four weeks and provided the finance company with the structure, data, and systems needed to achieve its immediate objectives. As a result, it was considered a good business for both parties, and we parted ways. Two years later, the company returned to us, searching for additional marketing support. Soon, we developed an inbound marketing strategy that resulted in some great numbers, including a 61% increase in site sessions for our clients.

Our marketing plan includes:

  • New website redesign
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Generating leads
  • In-depth report

Website redesign focuses on the growing efforts of lead generation.

Getting a website that gets more potential customers from the website traffic was a top priority for our renewed lender clients. By creating a strategy, implementing organic content, and improving the best practices for their website, we've helped them target and track the right audience. The new website design focuses on marketing automation to support and educate their ideal customers through content (such as blog articles, e-books, and checklists) and nurture leads.

To implement site redesign, our initiatives include:

  • Find a buyer personality
  • Keyword Search
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content Strategy
  • The target language of the website
  • Contemporary and easy to use website design

We've improved reporting capabilities and incorporated marketing automation best practices.

Our clients knew it was important for potential customers to get an accurate view of their conversions on their website, but they were struggling with it. They also needed a way to better communicate with new potential customers strategically to improve conversions. That's when we created an in-depth report and applied marketing automation best practices to help a home construction finance company achieve the following:

  • Promote insights on lead activities on their website
  • Improving lead nurturing activities
  • Create effective email marketing and lead sponsorship campaigns
  • Measuring the level of engagement of eligible leads
  • Automation of content presentations

Content marketing has become part of their monthly strategy.

As experts in content marketing, we know that we need to set goals to deliver the right content to meet the needs of contractors for our client-specific market. Content marketing enables us to find our clients in search, achieve higher conversion rates in a shorter period, reduce or improve paid search costs, and rely less on Google AdWords.
Our financial clients have successfully interacted with their audiences by optimizing weekly blogging cadence distributing other relevant content from industry trends and subject matter experts. It also helps increase rankings in organic search as you target specific keywords to create a knowledge hub for appropriate content.

Financial marketing plan results

Results for 2022
Total Sessions = 34,000
Users = 23,000
Bounce rate = 12.3%

Results for 2021

Total Sessions = 11,000
Users = 7,200
Bounce rate = 56.88%

Results for 2020

Total sessions = 9400
Users = 6500
Bounce rate = 53.1%
Our resources and structured plan enable them to transcend the objectives of website traffic and bring marketing to the company.

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