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Overview of the project


One of our clients, a mobile app development company, builds world-class mobile apps, from mood-enhancing and aesthetically pleasing games to powerful audio and music editors that feature a smooth user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design.

The company has partnered with Business Promoted Digital Marketing Agency to enhance its

  • web-to-app deep link procurement strategies
  • drive more referral traffic to its landing pages
  • increase keyword rankings
  • Ensure all methods comply with Google's Webmaster Guidelines.
In just a 16-month partnership, Business Promoted created 407 inbound links to guest posts with approximately 727K views.


Business Promoted's ongoing engagement with customers has increased referral traffic and high-quality backlinks to various mobile apps.
Our link-building campaign achieved high authority links with an average domain authority (DA) score of 46, about 21.7 million Internet readers, and 148 social media posts. In addition, we were able to move each site's keyword rankings to the top 4-7 positions on search engine results pages (SERPs), increasing the average search volume to 1.6 million per month.
One of the biggest successes of our link-building efforts has been optimizing campaign performance for two of the most popular consumer mobile apps.
The mobile puzzle game has gained 653 reference domains and 5.5 thousand backlinks, with 182 keywords in the top 3 membership rankings:
Business Promoted's link-building strategy achieved significant color-by-number results with 6.9k backlinks generated, 974 reference domains, and an organic traffic increase of 2.5k. In addition, our ongoing campaigns have helped clients place 75 keywords in the top 3 organic search rankings.

Strategy implementation

The challenge

The biggest challenge in achieving client objectives and demands was the content limit. The company quickly realized the importance of having links that do not go against Google's Webmaster Guidelines. In addition, we need to be extremely careful in creating guest posts and finding link opportunities to avoid some data due to legal provisions. Therefore, we have to prevent link schemes and other link-building techniques that focus on creating "unnatural links," which are considered a violation of Google's guidelines.


Our link-building experts conduct keyword analysis and ranking reviews to determine opportunities for high-performance, high-quality link placements within a budget. Since the client already has an established keyword policy, our main focus was to align the guest posting policy with their business objectives.

We have developed articles on product reviews, blogs, and high authority content sections to place naturally targeted keywords and links on websites with many organic visitors. Also, we worked closely with the client's legal department to deliver them with materials for prior publication approval. After working closely with the company's legal team, we have consistently achieved 100 percent customer approval.
Business Promoted's continuous link editing strategies focus on continuously targeting high-ranking keyword positions in organic search results to increase rankings for various mobile apps continually.

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