Project Overview

A family-owned 'All Natural Products' Company was founded in 2017 to help more people start a healthier lifestyle. The company has more than 160 retail stores throughout the United States and manufactures more than 150 organic health and personal care products.

As more and more people turn to all-natural products, the company wants to increase its social media marketing efforts to reach a more interested audience, expand its customer base, and increase website traffic and timely purchases. The client needed the help of 'Business Promoted Internet Marketing Agency' to launch a social media advertising campaign focusing on brand awareness and conversions.

In the first 14 months of the partnership, Business Promoted organized and launched a holistic approach to digital advertising and led low-level actions with an already engaged audience. Overall, our paid efforts on social media led to a 79.7 percent increase in total shares and a 73.4 percent increase in website purchases.


Business Promoted's social media advertising team has launched various advertising campaigns to go beyond the objectives of customer interaction. After gaining a solid understanding of the conversion funnel, Business Promoted has consistently increased the company's ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) every month and achieved an 85 percent increase in ROAS year-over-year. Since the launch of the advertising campaign in June 2020, we have seen a significant increase in consumer social network interactions and conversions.

• Session: 244.6% • Social Reference Session: 185.9% • Conversions: 100% • Average Session Duration: 142.5% • Users: + 51.9% • New Users: + 88.9% In the third quarter of 2020, our paid social media efforts generated an incredible conversion value of 3,5948.23.

Strategy implementation

The challenge

Before partnering with Business Promoted, this natural products company struggled to find social media experts who could actively manage social media campaigns and deliver fast results.
When we first took charge of the client's social advertising campaign, finding people interested in their products was the biggest challenge. Initially, the company's ROAS was very low because the intimacy objectives - the audience targeting system based on lifestyle and demographics - were comprehensive. So our team conducted several campaign audits and market analyses to quickly identify the ideal customer target market, increase website purchases, and generate solid revenue.


To gain in-depth knowledge of the client's ideal audience, we have conducted extensive market research, industry benchmarking, and campaign analysis and developed a strategic social media plan to maximize potential returns and engagement.

Based on the audit findings, we present a holistic approach to advertising on social media, with a strong focus on engagement campaigns and the social evidence you provide.

Follower growth campaigns

The initial advertising campaign aimed to boost the client's social media followers through targeted advertising strategies on social media. Business Promoted selected the designs based on previous engagement rates. As a result, the sections of social media content that have received the most participation are optimized to create loyal, high-quality followers and a solid social media presence.

Conversions / Site Visits / Link Clicks

The campaign's purpose was to spread awareness and drive traffic to the customer's website. These ads targeted those interested in the client's products and social media content.

Catalog (re-targeting)

The campaign focused on referral visits based on the past actions of potential customers in the conversion funnel. For example, we target people who have previously visited the company's website, viewed a particular product, or included a product in their cart but have not yet purchased.

Following the successful launch of the first set of advertising campaigns, the next phase of our social media advertising efforts is focused on optimizing ongoing campaigns based on the data we already have. Business Promoted's next goal is to reach customers and offer unique content and deals to attract more potential customers to convert.

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