Targeting Employees of Specific Companies with Social Media

Targeting Employees of Specific Companies with Social Media

Your ideal customer will have many images in your mind (especially if you work hard with your buyers). But do you use an easy way to target these ideal prospects with your Facebook or LinkedIn posts?

This feature can be helpful for marketing your social media content, especially when your posts are highly specialized. In addition, this practice may work better than pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on search engines. Let’s have a look at what you need to know before using this feature.

B2B feature

Whether you want to do marketing your services to a specific company or want to spread the word across the industry, you can make sure that your content can be viewed by different types of customers who already know they want something like this. So go to step one to get started.

Location-Based Targeting

Even if your marketing goal is not to reach the entire business as a customer, this feature can direct your message to the right potential customers. For example, maybe you’re a new downtown restaurant that wants to offer a lunch special for busy professionals. These targeting capabilities allow you to inform employees of nearby companies about your new fast and tasty meals that can help them receive without leaving their place of Work.

Most brick-and-mortar companies may find this trick useful. Find companies within a 5-mile radius of your organization and see the types of employees interested in your product. It can be simply sending them an ad on a postcard, but without the sight of them being “sold” directly.

Identify the ideal customer in their workplace.

Even if you are not a business owner, this targeting possibility can still be a lucrative opportunity. You know the types of customers who will make the best use of your brand of all the people. The main thing is to apply to buyers to find out what kind of business or situation your ideal customers work in.

Do you offer a program that helps small businesses with Data entry? You can target these types of companies. Do you trade office supplies? You can target the types of employees who are in their office most days. Are your sellers making huge deals with a specific customer? As long as you match the needs of your ideal customers, the possibilities are endless.

Now let’s move on to the details of targeted ads, starting with Facebook:

First, how to target employees with Facebook ads:

1 – Open by Ad Manager, Director, or Business Manager and click Create Campaign.

2 – Choose your marketing goals.


3 – Choose your marketing goals on Facebook.

4 – On the next page, you want to find an option to target at Work. This is at the center of the page.

5 – Under Detailed targeting, click Browse to the left of the box, and a dropdown menu will appear.

6 – Click on Demography and scroll down to find Work.

7 – Click Work and select the employer.

From there, you’ll see a search query where you can find specific employers.

How to target employees with LinkedIn ads:

1 – Click on Update Sponsorship/Now on the post you already created or on your profile and click on Admin Tools, then sponsor your updates. (If you select ads or sponsor your updates, you’ll be redirected to Campaign Manager, where you may need to sign in or choose from multiple accounts depending on your setup.)

2 – Select Create Campaign.

3 – Give a name to your campaign and, if necessary, your campaign group.

4 – Campaign Name-1

5 – Choose your marketing goals. The goal: 

  • Select a location (city, state, or country) and choose where you want to focus. Then, at the very bottom of the site, you can target employees under “Start building your audience …”:
  • Company name information
  • Click Audience Properties.
  • Choose a company.
  • Click on Company Connection.
  • From there, you’ll see a find option box where you can find specific employers.

Note: You can also use the search box (before selecting Audience Properties) but make sure you choose the company name next to ‘Company Connection.’ This is the only method that will give you the first contact with the carrier. (To learn more about LinkedIn’s targeting options, click here.)

After that, you can choose the ad format, placement, budget, and schedule.

All that’s left is to select and create a new post!

Just knowing that you can put the details of your message in front of the right people can be exciting. 

Marketing is made more straightforward; it can make the brainstorming session more focused on your campaign and hopefully more enjoyable.