My Google Business Listing: Tips to Update It

Creating, editing, and upgrading a Google business listing isn’t challenging but many business owners neglect it. This article will explain how your ‘My Google Business Listing’ helps your business get found by new clients; also how to edit your business listing to make it more effective, and when you need to upgrade it.

While this post mentions Google business listings particularly, it’s essential to note that there are other online business listings. Google is the most popular search engine. However, you should also maintain and upgrade business listings on other search engines like Yahoo, Yelp, and Bing.

The Significance of My Google Business Listing

When as a kid you had a lemonade stand, where did you set it up? Not in your house or the backyard, but on the street. Why? Because that’s where people are. The same concept applies to businesses today. If you want to be seen, you require being where people are; and today, people are online. In fact, 84% of customers use their computer or tablet to search for a local business online, and 88% use their Smartphone.

To get your business found as quickly as possible, ensure you have a Google business listing, and that is the best representation of your business.

How Does a Google Listing Assist My Business?

In addition to validating your physical presence in a digital world, a Google business listing offers many benefits to your business, including more clients, more sales, a stronger online presence, and increased exposure.

Increases Sales and Clients

According to the same study, 34% of customers who find a business through a local search on their computer system or tablet end up at its physical location. The rate is higher (50%) for those who browse on mobile phones. In addition, 18% of local searches result in a purchase within a day. This indicates that the easier your business is to find, the more likely a customer will purchase within a day of searching. The data shows that a Google listing update can increase sales and traffic to your store.

Improves Website SEO

Many people are scared by SEO (search engine optimization), but SEO can be carried out easily. The easiest way to improve your website’s SEO is to upgrade your Google listing.

Google constantly crawl to the web for updated information to give reliable and accurate search results. Google’s algorithms allow it to search across the web to get maximum possible information about your business. The maximum places your business is listed online, the maximum details Google can get about your business. And so more likely your business will appear in search results.

Improves Exposure

Online search engines are not the only tools people use to find services and products. There are many apps and directories out there today that are directing people to the right destination for them. But these platforms build their databases by crawling the web and relying on larger search engines (such as Google) to collect this information. Therefore, many of the listings in these smaller directories contain information that has dripped down through Google business listings.

Like a Google business listing can help your business, an incorrect listing can harm your business, so it is essential to update your Google listing.

How to Update a Google Listing

To update your Google listing, use Google My Business, which provides step by step instructions on their website. The basic elements of your Google business listing are a name, address, and contact number. More specifications on an excellent Google listing update are as follows, but are applicable to any directory.

Be Precise

Inaccurate online business listings are more common and more troublesome. If your business information is inaccurate, Google will stop trusting you and customers will too. It is just as important to upgrade your business listing when moving to a different suite or floor within the same building. Provide as much information to people as possible when they are looking for your services or business.

The better a picture you can paint for an online search engine, the better your business can be represented online. Remove all the possible barriers by providing the most accurate information in your Google business listing.

Be Consistent

As previously mentioned, Google crawls the web for accurate information. The more consistent your business listings are, the higher your site will rank on Google’s results page.

The significance of consistency in your online business listing cannot be stressed enough. Although search engines are robust, a basic type in a business name is sufficient to throw a search engine off track. With the hundreds of databases, apps, and search engines out there, one little mistake in your business listing information can compound itself and prove disastrous for a small business.

Use Text

Like lots of directory listings and sites, Google My Business will allow you to upload a logo. A logo adds a good visual element to your profile and a professional look to your business; however, it should never replace text in online listings. Text is what allows people and search engines to search for and find your business.

When to Update a Google Listing

There are a few situations that call for you to update or edit your Google Business Listing.

Business Moving or Relocation

To prevent the loss of existing clients and to promote the increase of new clients, update your Google business listing right after you move your business. If you’re relocating your business, word of mouth will inform some, but not all. Revealing your move on social media will inform more, but not for long, as the posts will eventually get buried under new ones.

Existing clients and community members may be aware of your new location, but what about future clients and community members? They won’t understand to visit your old location to find your new location. You don’t even exist to them yet! This is why it’s important to update your business listing with any changes to your information as soon as possible. Accuracy is important in getting online listings and search engines to benefit your business.

Multiple Business Locations

Having several locations can be confusing for search engines and people. Ensure that each location is listed separately.

Inaccurate Business Information

Even if you have only one source to put your company listing information, there is a great possibility that it will reach other sources crawling the web. To find out where and how you’re appearing, perform a Google search for your business. Does your business appear online? If so, fantastic! Make a list of the different places your business is listed.

Updating your Google business listing can fix a number of the small errors showing up elsewhere, but you may require to change some listings manually. This may take some time; however, it’s worth the investment. This is because people are either unaware of or forgetful to the reality that you are not the only one providing your details on the web. People assume that it is you providing the information, so if it is incorrect or incomplete, they will attribute it to incompetencies on your part.

No Website or Weak Web Existence

As discussed previously, search engines are constantly on the hunt for the most relevant and up to date information on your business. If you don’t have a website (you require to get one!), Google will search for information about your business elsewhere. This can be inconsistent and incorrect. If you don’t have a strong online existence, Google cannot rank you on its search results page.

Non-Obvious Business Names

Businesses not having the name of their service in the title can sometimes have a more difficult time reaching and getting clients. Think about upgrading your Google business listing with categories.

Use different categories to upgrade your business’s Google listing with industry and service-specific categories. If potential customers don’t have an instant idea of what your business does when they find it, they will pass you. Categorizing your business’s Google listing is a simple way to get more customers to your business.

Google business listing will not do anything to benefit your business unless it is precise, consistent, and up to date. Maintain your business listing so that Google can help to get your business found by the people searching for it. More information for more people means the development of your business and more happy customers!