How to Set up 'Click to Call' Ads on Facebook

How to Set up ‘Click to Call’ Ads on Facebook

You can customize your Facebook ads when you have many different goals; sometimes, you just need to ring the phone you really want. Of all the campaign goals, however, it’s not entirely clear how to create an ad unit to encourage users to connect with your business. Google has that power – so why shouldn’t Facebook advertisers have it in their arsenal?

Before we define this trick, it is necessary to understand how the Facebook advertising system works. You can create “click to call” ads, but that doesn’t mean that Facebook usually optimizes the display of ads to people who click the “call” button. Instead, the system optimizes reach, which means trying to show your ad to as many people as possible.

Through other campaign objectives, such as creating a list of leads, Facebook can improve acknowledgment to people in your audience who have already filled out the form or are likely to do so. However, it’s important to note that the “click to call” ad works a little differently.

Here’s how to set up a “call to click” ad on Facebook.

1 – Go to Facebook Ad Manager and set up a new campaign, select reach as the purpose of your campaign.

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2 – Apply your targeting to the ‘Add Set’ level and continue to flow. Under Placements, make sure all mobile ad placements (where people can’t contact you from your desktop) are checked.

3 – At this point, you will create your ad, as usual; however, there is an option to add a URL to your post for the purpose of the ‘Reach’ campaign, which also opens the ‘Call to action’ buttons. Here, you need to select “Contacts” and add your business phone number.

Now when your ad is shown to users in their mobile feed, both on Facebook and Instagram, they can connect directly to your business in just a few clicks. This is a good idea for companies that sell the most by talking to customers on the phone.

As mentioned, with this technology, Facebook will not only optimize your ad presentation for people who are likely to contact you, but it will also optimize your reach. So keep this in mind when customizing your ad targeting.