Google Reviews For My Business: Get It More With These 10 Ways

If you’re struggling to improve your online existence, stay tuned. Following are the ten ways to get more ‘Google Reviews for My Business, and practical tips on how to pull it off.

Google reviews for business are highly important- 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 90% of customers check online reviews before visiting a company. Google reviews hold a major weight in the existing search algorithm.

i.e., more good reviews means higher search rankings, more leads, more sales, and increased revenue.

10 Ways to Get More Google Reviews For My Business

There’s something you should know: 85% of customers don’t trust reviews for more than 3 months old, and 40% just look at reviews from the past two weeks.

That indicates it’s not enough to get a hundred 5-star reviews and call it quits. You need to ask for them constantly, so your review profile will always be updated. You can easily do this by including the ten review generation techniques into your marketing plan.

1. Ask Clients Directly for a Google Review

The most convenient way of getting a Google review is to ask for it!

Asking for reviews is the direct way to make sure satisfied customers receive your request.

If you’re on the phone with a satisfied customer, ask him for a review. It’s that simple!

2. Send a Follow-Up E-mail for More Google Reviews

After a successful project ends send your customer a follow-up e-mail and ask them to leave you a Google review.

In your e-mail make sure to:

  • Be personal
  • Thank your client for choosing you
  • Inform your client you appreciate and read all feedback
  • Inform your client why feedback is important
  • Give a direct link for visitors to leave you a Google review

3. Leave a Leave-Behind

A leave-behind is a piece of marketing security that you leave at your clients’ property, like a Google review card. This tends to be more popular with professionals or local businesses.

For example, if you’re a flooring professional who just installed new oak wood floors in a client’s home, consider leaving a folder including the following:

  • Care and maintenance tips for the new flooring
  • A contact number in case the client has any follow-up questions
  • A business card
  • A Google review card
  • Accurate instructions on using a review card

Don’t feel like paying to print hundreds of leave-behinds?

No worries- develop a digital version!

4. Insert a Review Link to Your Website to Get More Google Reviews

Another simple way of getting Google reviews is to add review links to your site or create a custom review link.

What Is a Custom Google Review Link?

You can put a custom URL where your clients can leave you a review. When somebody clicks your custom Google review link, a box pops up.

This will assist you to get more reviews simply because it makes it easier for your clients.

This can be done by inserting a link in your website’s header or footer or using a popup window requesting clients to leave a review.

How to Use the Customized Google Review Link Generator?

Search for your business here:

Additionally, you can view the place ID finder with its code in the Google Maps JavaScript API documentation.

As soon as you’ve found your local business, copy the Place ID.

What’s a Google place ID?

A place ID is a unique identifier provided to your local business address by Google. Place IDs are available for most places, including businesses, landmarks, parks, and crossways.

Attach that ID to the end of this link:<PLACE_ID>.

5. Set up Review Generation Tools to Get More Google Reviews

Review generation tools make the review process a lot more streamlined.

6. Follow-Up Your Review Requests Several Times

Even if a customer doesn’t leave you a review the first time you ask, doesn’t mean they’ll never leave a one.

You might’ve caught them at a hard time during your first request. Or they wanted to leave you a review, however just forgot.

It is recommended to create two e-mail follow-up templates in addition to the first review request.

Try sending out a new request once a week or even every other week until you’ve hit your max. Admit it; some people will never leave a review no matter how many times you ask. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Consistent follow-up keeps your company fresh in the customers’ minds and adds more points of contact between you and your clients.

7. Keep Calm When You Get a Bad Review

Got a bad review? Don’t attack; don’t give excuses; just take responsibility and promise to fix the issue. It is possible customers turn a one-star review into a five-star review just by being good people and making things right.

When clients see that you check and respond to reviews, even bad ones, they’re more likely to consider you as a stand-up company and go for your services.

8. Include Calls-to-Action and Pop-up on Your Website

People procrastinate. You know that. I know that. Everyone knows that.

Nudge procrastinators by having lots of calls-to-action on your site, and even by adding a pop-up encouraging the user to leave a review. These pop-up windows are generally something like, “Are you enjoying [product name]? Leave us a review!”

9. Respond to Your Reviewers

It is always suggested responding to online reviews- both positive and negative.

If a client leaves a positive review, say thank you!

If a client leaves a negative review, follow the steps below:

  • Address the problem
  • Apologize for the problem.
  • Try to resolve the problem privately.

Google acknowledges businesses that respond to Google reviews.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at what Google officially said about reviews.

10. Provide Great Customer Support.

Online reviews are generally similar to the six o’clock evening news- you only hear the bad and not the good.

The easiest way of getting a Google review is excellent customer support to every customer you interact.

If a customer is impressed with your company, the service you provide, the product they purchased, or the experience they had, they’ll feel forced to leave a review.