Easy Steps to Increase Your Landing Pages Conversion Rates

Easy Steps to Increase Your Landing Pages Conversion Rates

If you’re a business owner, you’re looking for ways to attract potential customers and get people to your product or service – and landing pages can do just that. By giving people a special offer or ad in exchange for their contact information, your landing page will help you build your client base.

When considering landing pages, many types serve very different purposes. For example, lead Generation Pages collect contact information so you can send promotional messages and newsletters via email. So, click on the landing pages to get customers to your web page with ads and calls to action.

The sole purpose of twisting pages is to gather information from customers, usually email addresses, and these pages contain limited text. On the other hand, sales pages pop up, persuade customers to purchase your service or product and ask for a written copy to force them to complete their transaction.

But if your pages don’t give you the results you expect, we have put together easy steps to grow your landing page conversion rate.

1 – Draft headlines that express customer sentiment

Too often, consumers make purchases based on emotion rather than rationality. Think about how many times you signed up for something you didn’t need because you felt the need for it.

Make sure the headlines on your landing pages are concise, straightforward but play on emotions using words that suggest a sense of security, familiarity, joy, or attraction. If you want to increase conversions by using emotions in titles and copy, don’t sell the product; sell the experience. By telling inspiring stories, you can convince potential customers that your product will improve their lives.

2 – Remove any deviations

It is easy to get stuck in photos, videos, and text on landing pages. However, your potential customer may not have the attention span or time to read everything carefully. So, instead of filling out page information, keep it simple with straight CTAs (action calls) and simple personal information forms. For example, If you need the customer’s name and email to send your weekly newsletter, avoid asking about age, gender, and city – this information can be collected at your own time by Google Analytics.

3 – Reduce the time it takes for your landing page to load

Your prospectus will have a to-do list until the CVS is acknowledged, so be sure to load your landing pages as soon as possible. If your pages are slow, the customer will not be interested in the content or product, which will make them less likely to follow up with the purchase or give you their contact information.

Pages should always be loaded in seconds, and improving the speed at which they load will also help your search engine optimization (SEO).

4 – Understand who is dealing with the landing page

Before creating your company’s landing pages, take the time to think about who will interact with the pages. Also, think about the type of content and images they will like. This strategic targeting will increase your landing page conversion rate when you take advantage of the customer’s likes and needs.

If you have many landing pages, each targeting a different population, it is wise to copy the style and copy to their liking and appeal to various groups.

5 – Introduce a live chat feature on the landing page

Implementing live chat functionality on your landing page will improve the customer experience. Clients can contact you directly to ask questions and encourage friendly communication between them and the person behind the chat function through the live chat tool. If the customer is satisfied with the chat interaction, they will probably keep exploring your company’s website, which will increase your landing page conversions.

6 – Take A / B tests

Examining two different landing pages with unique information and calls to action with potential customers and comparing their performance will help customers understand the best response. In addition, this strategy is a great way to see what types of CTAs are most effective.

The A / B test should be completely random and provide insights into what works for you and what doesn’t for your landing pages – for your landing pages and the desired customer base. Similar tests can be applied to improve conversions on email, social media posts, and web ads.